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Pearl Restaurant & Bar
252 High Holborn
London WC1V 7EN
Phone: 020 7829 7000

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Critically acclaimed Executive Chef, Jun Tanaka has headed up the kitchen at Pearl since its opening in June 2004, a time during which he has gained an excellent reputation for his modern French cuisine.

Having started at Le Gavroche at the tender age of 19, Jun spent the next ten years working with some of London’s top culinary talent in seven Michelin starred restaurants, where he perfected the art of fine French cuisine.  A distinguished career, Jun has worked and trained at Chez Nico, The Capital and The Square.  He also worked under Marco Pierre White at both The Restaurant Marco Pierre White and The Oak Room.

At the age of 19, Jun asked his father which restaurants he most rated in London and approached each of them to gain a position as an apprentice. Top of the list were Le Gavroche, Chez Nico and The Restaurant Marco Pierre White.

Jun's uses the very best seasonal ingredients, with simple premise to enhance flavour rather than over complicate, bringing out natural flavours and fresh, distinct tastes.

In 2006 Jun hosted his very own television show, Channel 4's 'Cooking It'. Jun has also regularly appeared on BBC 1's 'Saturday Kitchen', UKTV's 'Great Food Live' and ITV's 'Saturday Cooks'. Jun's latest television project is the UKTV Food series 'Market Kitchen' where he is presenting.



Jun has recently launch his first book, Simple to Sensational. Jun Tanaka presented a TV series 'Cooking It' in which he took on complete novices and taught them how to cook. This inspired him to write Simple to Sensational which provides recipes for inexperienced cooks that will build confidence and teach basic skills. Jun then shows how simple recipes can then be transformed into spectacular versions with a few simple steps. As Jun says "I want to show that cooking, even to a refined level, is something anyone can do. It's all about building confidence." So once a SIMPLE Butternut Squash Soup is mastered this can be turned into SENSATIONAL Butternut Squash Soup with Caramelised Scallops, Wild Mushrooms and Parmesan or SIMPLE Duck Breast with Caramelised Chicory and Lentils can become SENSATIONAL Home Smoked Duck Breast with Chicory and Lentil Salsa while SIMPLE Bread and Butter Pudding becomes SENSATIONAL Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding glazed with Apricot and served with Spiced Custard.

To purchase a copy of Jun Tanaka's SIMPLE TO SENSATIONAL please either visit Pearl Restaurant reception for a signed copy or click here to be directed to Amazon.com.