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Summer seafood BBQ recipes

As demonstrated at Jun's series of summer Seafood BBQs at Chancery Court Hotel, London.

Baked mussels with coconut and lime leaf (serves 4)

1 kg mussels cleaned
4 kaffir lime leaves
½ bunch coriander
½ bunch Thai basil
2 sticks lemongrass, bashed
200ml coconut milk
40ml fish sauce
Juice of 2 limes
1 green chili, chopped

Take a square of aluminum foil (30cm x 30cm), fold in half leaving the long edge open, seal the other two edges by making three small folds in the foil. You should be left with an open envelope. Place a quarter of all ingredients into the bag, seal and place on the BBQ for eight minutes. Open carefully with a pair of scissors and serve.

Blackened salmon with cucumber and yoghurt (serves 8)

1 side of salmon skin off
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tbsp smoked sweet paprika
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp chopped fresh thyme
50ml olive oil
1 cucumber
1 bunch mint
1 lime
400g Greek yoghurt
1 clove crushed garlic

Thinly slice the cucumber, salt lightly and leave for five minutes. Finely chop the mint leaves and add to the yoghurt. Squeeze in the lime, add the cucumber, garlic and season. Set aside to serve with the cooked salmon.

Mix all dry ingredients and place on a tray. Season the salmon with salt and coat in the spices. Drizzle with olive oil and place on the BBQ for four minutes on each side.

Red Mullet ‘en Papillote’ with chorizo, tomatoes and paprika (serves 4)

8 fillets of red mullet pin boned
100g sliced chorizo
300g cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 clove garlic sliced
1 pinch of paprika
1 sprig of thyme
100ml red wine

Take a square of aluminum foil (30cm x 30cm), fold in half leaving the long edge open, seal the other two edges by making three small folds in the foil. You should be left with an open envelope. Place a quarter of the tomatoes, chorizo, thyme and sliced garlic into the parcel.

Season the mullet with salt and paprika and carefully place on the tomatoes. Add a drizzle of red wine and seal the bag. Cook on the BBQ for ten minutes. Carefully open with scissors and serve immediately.

Rosemary smoked mackerel with horseradish (serves 4)

4 mackerel
2 bunches of rosemary soaked in cold water for 30mins
50ml olive oil

Creamed horseradish:
200g Crème fraiche
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp freshly grated horseradish
½ lemon juice

For the creamed horseradish; mix all ingredients together in a bowl and season to taste. Set aside to serve with the cooked mackerel.

Lightly season and score the mackerel. Place the soaked rosemary on the BBQ and leave for a few minutes. When it starts to smoke, place a rack on top of the rosemary and place the mackerel on top. Cook for three minutes, turn over and cook the other side for three minutes.

Scallops with orange and ginger butter (serves 4)

4 large scallops cleaned, sliced in half and put back in the shell.
40g unsalted butter
20g fresh ginger cut into matchsticks
2 orange juice
1 lime juice
½ lemon juice
Pinch of nori powder

Add a small amount of butter, ginger and a pinch of nori powder on each scallop. Pour on the citrus juices and season. Place on the BBQ. Cook for six minutes and serve immediately.

Spiced flat bread (serves 4)

300g strong flour
½ tsp salt
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp crushed cumin and coriander seeds
50ml olive oil
100ml water

Place all dry ingredients in a bowl, make a well in the centre, add the oil and water. Using your hands, slowly bring the flour mixture in using a circular motion. Knead into an elastic dough. Cover with cling film and rest for 1 hour. Roll the dough into100g balls and work in the palm of your hands until it becomes flat. Place on the BBQ and cook for one-two minutes on each side.

Watermelon, tomato and olive salad (serves 8)

½ seedless watermelon cut into 2cm chunks
10 plum tomatoes cut into chunks
200g diced feta cheese
50g black olives
1 cucumber peeled and cut into 1cm cubes
200ml extra virgin olive oil
75ml red wine vinegar

Place all ingredients in a large bowl, season and toss. Serve chilled.


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