Adam Zaorski

After completion of University, Adam Zaorski naturally wanted to travel around the world. What better way to do this then through the cruise industry. He joined Celebrity Cruises as a barman and quickly learned that this industry was for him. He rapidly gained the experience that was required to be a success in the cocktail business.

He moved companies and began to work for Cunard. Here, he started as a senior barman and was promoted to Head Barman very quickly. His passion for cocktails and wines drew him to London for a serious professional change. He joined the former QC Restaurant as Head Barman in early 2003. Once talk about Pearl Restaurant and Bar became a reality, he worked diligently to prepare the opening of Pearl as one of the trendiest and most elegant bars in London.

Some of his signature cocktails include the now legendary Pink Pearl, Lemongrass Martini and the Cool Forest Cocktail.