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Pearl market intelligence helps maximise the sale price of your property. As agents, it is important for us to consider who is likely to buy each property we sell, as well as considering by what means and most importantly how the ultimate purchaser is to be located. This is vital information as it helps us to decide how best to sell a property to achieve the best price in the optimum timeframe.

As part of this process we closely monitor where all applicants (potential buyers) first learn about a sale property. In conjunction with this we cross-reference this information by asking the eventual purchaser where he/she first saw the property advertised. The results are remarkable.


Where they come from?
We log every source of enquiry from applicants irrespective of whether they ultimately buy a property, and we posted or emailed 470,631 sales particulars between 1st October 2014 and 30th September 2015, an increase of 103% on the previous year. The increase in the demand for sales particulars is huge and is primarily due to the recent introduction of “Buyer Alert“.

Buyer Alert” is a web based facility for applicants that is designed to match property to applicants pre-determined criteria. Once an applicant has registered and provided brief details of their requirements, we automatically forward sales particulars that match their criteria. In addition the realignment of the Pearls brand, the introduction of “a fresh approach”, the subsequent changes to our website and Pearls Newswire have all had a major impact upon the perception of the company, reflecting in an increased level of general enquiries as a whole.



Where they come from?
We have similarly examined all our sales and lettings transactions, establishing precisely how the ultimate purchaser first became aware of their new property. The pie chart below illustrates the facts at a glance.

96.4% of all our enquirers and 89% of all buyers are introduced to their property by Pearls own means as opposed to any external media, which underscores Pearls ability to effect a sale and our edge over the rest of the market.

Our website is clearly our most effective form of generating both enquiries and purchasers and shows a significant increase on the previous year. provides enquirers with a fully interactive service, providing sales particulars of the properties we have on the market. Our website is particularly useful to potential purchasers as once a customer has logged in, their details are stored on our system, allowing our negotiators to match buyers and sellers in a quick and efficient manner.

Although our website is our most powerful tool in a digital marketplace, we also produce hardcopy media. On market, which includes reference to all sectors within which we specialise: Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs & Leisure property, is issued 6 times per year to a database of over 140,000 registered buyers.

89% of all buyers come from Pearls/Pearls media, which includes On market,, for sale boards, mailshots, negotiator referrals. This impressive statistic reflects the knowledge and expertise of Pearls’ personnel, with each negotiator having the ability to share a solid wealth of experience of the market on a local and national scale.

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